Hi, I’m Veronica. Welcome to my personal website!

I currently live in Western Norway, where I’m originally from. I moved back here after living in Oslo, Norway for 11 years, and outside Geneva, Switzerland for four years. I’ve also lived in Sydney, Australia for two years at the beginning of the millennium.

I have a background in Computational and High Energy Physics with a Ph.D. from 2019. I currently work as a Senior Developer at a small consulting firm in Oslo. In my spare time, I like to write, and to work on my various hobby projects. The main one is listed below.


The novelWriter logo

I’m the author of the free and open source writer’s app novelWriter. novelWriter is a plain text editor designed for writing novels assembled from many smaller text documents. It uses a minimal formatting syntax inspired by Markdown, and adds a meta data syntax for comments, synopsis, and cross-referencing.

It’s designed to be a simple text editor that allows for easy organisation of text and notes, using human readable text files as storage for robustness. It is written with Python and Qt5, and can therefore run on most operating systems. It works well on Linux, Windows and macOS.