About Me

Hi, and welcome to my website.

I used to be an active blogger, writing for multiple blog networks and occasionally for other publications, but blogging sort of went out of fashion. These days, I mostly work on my novel projects when I feel the urge to write. Still, I hope to write the occasional blog post here as well.

I’m a physicist by education, with a Ph.D. in Plasma Wakefield Accelerators from the University of Oslo and CERN, where I worked on the AWAKE project.

My first job back in Norway after my Ph.D. was a job at the Norwegian Meteorological institute working with High Performance Computing (HPC). My professional focus for the last decade has been on computational physics, so I continued to write code used for to run or manage large scale physics simulations.

These days I work as a Senior Developer for a small consulting firm in Oslo. My current contract is mostly with Python, and Python-related tools and infrastructure.


One of my hobbies is writing, and I currently focus on my novel projects. I have a bunch of science fiction novels all outlined, and work on them whenever I have the time and urge to write.

Because I was never satisfied with any of the writing tools available on Linux, I started writing my own back in 2018. The application is named novelWriter, and is free and open source. It has its own website over at novelwriter.io, and the source code is freely available on GitHub.

About “Berglyd”

My middle name is Berglyd. The name is a modernisation of the old Norse name of my family’s farm Berurjóðri. The farm dates back to the viking era in Western Norway, and is described in the 13th century hero’s saga of Orvar-Odd (Örvar-Oddr).

The saga is available on heimskringla.no in Norse and Norwegian.