Copyright & Privacy

All text on this website is copyright Veronica Berglyd Olsen (the author), and is not to be reprodcued without permission, with the regular expection of fair use. This includes the author’s profile photo.

Images, source code, and other content that is not mentioned above, and that is attributed to the author, is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. That is, if you reuse it, you must give appropriate credit, you may not use it for commercial purposes, and if you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original. See the license link for more details.

Third party media content, like images and video, included in my posts are used under the assumption they qualify as fair use. For any legitimate takedown requests, please contact me.

The licenses of other content is listed below in the Credits & License section. The source code for this website is hosted on GitHub. At the moment the source is kept private, but I may make it public at some later time.

For any questions or requests, contact me at

Privacy & Tracking

This website is static. That is, there is no back end software generating and serving the website’s content, nor is there a hosted database collecting information about you as a visitor. The website uses no cookies, nor links to or embeds any tracking technology of any kind – including analytics solutions.

This website is hosted in Norway by Domainnameshop. They do collect data about your visit to my website in their server access logs. Please see their Privacy Policy for more information.

The comments integration with Mastodon is only embedded in those posts that have comments enabled. The feature is implemented in JavaScript and runs locally in your browser. The JavaScript connects to the public API of the Mastodon instance where the blog post was shared, and the API is only contacted once you press the “Load Comments” button. The Mastodon instance may collect information about your data request.

Aside from the comments integration, no other part of this website relies on JavaScript.

Credits & License

The website is built with Hugo, an open source static website generator licensed under the Apache-2.0 license.

The theme and layout of this website was designed by the author, and is not based directly on any other themes. Feel free to snoop around in the generated HTML and CSS and copy things if you want. In particular, JavaScript code related to the comment integration may be of interest.

Aside from my own work, the website embeds design components like images, icons and fonts from other sources. These are listed below.

Mastodon Comments

The Mastodon comments integration is based on work by Carl Schwan (CC BY-SA 4.0 license).

Embedded Fonts

All fonts are embedded into the website and not loaded from a third party. The fonts were embedded using this tool.

Layout Graphics

The main banner image and icons on this website are based on other work, but everything is hosted locally and not loaded from external sources.

  • The banner image is from the “Ancient Writing” collection on Wallpaper Access. The images are free for personal non-commercial use.
  • Octicons icons by GitHub (MIT license).
  • Font Awesome icons by Font Awesome (various licenses).

The featured images on blog posts should have credits listed underneath on the posts themselves and on the summary pages.